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Generate More Leads and Income With Our Family Focused Digital Marketing Academy


Designed to seamlessly fit into the bustling life of a busy mum in business, our on-demand training videos offer the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere, from your mobile, iPad, or laptop

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Watch on Any Device

Our training videos are meticulously crafted to be accessible on any device, whether you're on the go with your mobile, at home with your iPad, or at your desk with your laptop. This unmatched accessibility ensures that busy mums in business can always find a moment to enhance their digital marketing skills, turning spare minutes into valuable learning opportunities

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Organised into Categories

We streamline the learning process for time-pressed busy mums, enabling them to quickly find exactly what they need without sifting through irrelevant material. This thoughtful categorisation not only saves valuable time but also enhances the learning experience by focusing on the areas that matter most to their business and personal development goals.

New Content Added Monthly

We continually refresh our academy with new content every month, ensuring that busy mums always have access to the latest digital marketing strategies and tools to keep them focused, motivated, and growing their businesses efficiently. This commitment to constant updates means that even on a budget, our learners can stay ahead of industry trends and apply cutting-edge techniques to their business endeavors without feeling overwhelmed or financially stretched.

What is already inside this area?

We only launched this area in February 2024 and there is already hundreds of pounds worth of training available.

We have blogging for businesses, content planning workshops, monthly social prompts and our 6 week digital course programme.

We are working on so much more behind the scenes.

If you want to join, now is the time to join at the most incredible price.





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"As a sleep coach, this kind of membership is exactly what I needed. I have made some amazing progress on my blog and courses already and it is all thanks to this membership - thank you" - Lisa

"I can't say much more other than WOW, I am good at the service part of my business but when it comes to tech i would clam up, Carla has made this area fun and exciting." - Rachel

"Thank you so much for everything. been a member since February and I am loving it! Incredible value, glad I got in early" -  Carly